Thursday, 23 April 2009

If everyone else put their hand in the fire, would you?

I'm experimenting with Twitter. See title to this post for a suggestion of my ambiguity about this. It feels like the outer limits of my interest in myself, and also in others and their activities. (I'm also finding it a little unpleasing to use.) But perhaps it might be useful for something - I'm stalking - whoops, I mean following - the likes Richard Florida and Sir Ken Robinson as an experiment and I've had some interesting links from that already. So I'm going to experiment with using it in relation to this blog, and to arts events/product I see. It will encourage me to stick with that if a few Twitter users follow me - do it here. I promise to spare you the ups and downs of the end of the football season, what I'm having for tea and that sort of thing . (Find me personally on Facebook for that!)

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