Thursday, 12 February 2009

Today is a birthday

It's a year since I started Arts Counselling. I've found it a really useful way of thinking aloud, sharing things with readers. It's made me think more and harder, and read more, and make more connections. There's certainly been a lot to think about in the last year! I hope you enjoy reading it too.

I've had a really good reaction to the blog, both from Arts Council staff (even the mythical Stalinists in Communications!) and what we know and love as The Sector. And also bits of what we know as The Rest of The World. (You know by now I'm kidding I hope.) I really like it when people come up to me and say 'I read your blog'. It's even better when they say they like it rather than take me to task for some infelicity. Though I quite enjoy that too.

I'd still like a lot more readers though, and subscribers and fans on the Facebook group. I'd like it if more of you commented more often, and spoke to each other that way. But hey, I'm just glad someone's reading it otherwise I'd have to stop.

If you're one of those people who pops by occasionally, each new blog will drop into your inbox if you subscribe. Apologies to the subscribers who got a blank version of this - I think I may have inadvertently broken some Blogger rule by embedding a Youtube video of the Sugarcubes doing Birthday. You can see it here though if you want to celebrate some great art with me.

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